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Blu & Exile Reunite for Brand-New Track "Miles Davis"

Blu & Exile are legends of the underground rap scene and new track "Miles Davis" shows exactly why they are held in such high regard.

The two first collaborated on the classic album Below the Heavens in 2007; serving an awe-inspiring display of lyricism over smooth, jazzy beats making it an essential project in any rap fan's collection. The pair did collaborate on a second project Give me My Flowers, While I Can Still Smell Them in 2012 but then went on a long hiatus while the pair made their own respective solo projects.

To fans delight, 2019 saw the pair reconnect for the three-track EP True and Livin' and left fans itching for more. Thankfully these prayers were answered and the pair announced a new full-length project Miles dropping on 17th July.

Blu is honestly one of the most lyrically creative rappers of the current generation and Exile's instrumentals complement his talents perfectly. Make sure you check the lead single "Miles Davis" above, and look for the upcoming project.


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