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Jevon provides effortless flows on new track 'Civil War Freestyle'

I hate using the word underrated as I am sure many artists hate hearing, so I'll put it in slightly different terms. Jevon is an artist that does not get the attention he deserves, when his immense talent is clear to see, and quite frankly this baffles me.

The producer/rapper has been constantly releasing high quality music for a number of years and I still feel it is only a matter of time before people wake the fuck up and see that he is a treasure in an ever-growing UK rap scene.

New Self-produced track 'Civil War Freestyle' shows exactly why I feel so strongly about Jevon and shows him calmly and coolly flowing over the bouncy instrumental. This is matched with striking black and white visuals; matching the vibe perfectly.

Check it out! As well as his other projects and freestyles.


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