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Projects Of The Week - 23/08/19

One of the stand-out artists from the drill scene, Headie One, finally drops his much anticipated 'Music X Road' project.

The Tottenham rapper has been making seismic waves in the UK rap scene with tracks such as Know Better, Of Course, Golden Boot and 18hunna; displaying exactly why he is one of the most exciting UK rap artists the scene has produced. This is a Must Listen Project.

Rapsody is one of the most talented rappers currently active and often is overlooked and unappreciated by rap fans.

Her last album, 'Lalia's Wisdom' ,was an outstanding project which was a brilliant display of socially conscious Hip Hop and earned the North Carolina artist deserved Grammy Awards nomination. For those who are fans of raps with deep, thoughtful lyrics make sure you check this new project.

Alternative rap boyband, Brockhampton, grabbed the attention of man fans with their 'Saturation' trilogy in 2017, which featured their exciting, against-the-grain style of rap.

Their follow up 'Iridescence' didn't quite live up to the heights set by their previous projects, but they are undoubtly producing some of the most creative rap music in the game right now. If you are in the mood for something different, check out their new project.

Little Brother are back!

It has been almost a decade since the North Carolina rap group released their project 'Left Back' and many fans had given up on the idea of another Little Brother album. However, rappers, Phonte and Big Pooh, have decided to come back together to produce this new project without the help of former member/producer, 9th wonder.

The project serves as almost a follow up to their most popular album 'The Minstrel Show' and for anyone who enjoys soulful, grown-up rap music, this is definitely a project for you.


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