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Top 3 Hip-Hop Duos Of All Time

Sometimes it takes two to make a thing go right and in hip hop we have been blessed with an array of perfectly matched mcs. Although the majority have not stuck together through the entirety of their careers, many have left us with stellar projects and to celebrate these hip hop partnerships, I have decided to select my top 3 rap duos of all time.

1. Outkast

With two of the most creative artists hip hop has seen ( Big Boi and Andre 3000), there is no doubt in my mind that Atlanta duo, Outkast, is the best duo rap has seen. With a range of classic albums, from aquemini to The Love Below/Speakerboxxx, Outkast have managed to frequently switch up their style, yet maintain their quality of music. There are not many artists that manage to make timeless music, but due to their creativity and experimentation, Oukast have made music that will sound fresh for generations and they should be appreciated for their contribution to music. True artists of the game and my only hope is that the rumours of a new project are true.

2. Clipse

Brothers, Pusha T and Malice (now known as No Malice), shook up the hip hop scene with their intricate coke rap over the simplistic beat of Grindin', and it was very easy to tell they had something special. With The backing of super producers, The Neptune's and Pharrell being an almost unofficial third member, they manage to produce some of the best albums of the 00s era of rap. Their second album 'Hell Hath No Fury' in particular, was an outstanding project combining dark, experimental instrumentals with tight flows and drug dealer poetry, which led to a large amount of critical acclaim. Push a T has managed to build a successful solo career but it will be very hard to match the chemistry him and his brother had.

3. Mobb Deep

Coming straight out of Queensbridge, New York, Mobb Deep are still, to this day, one of the grittest hip hop groups to lay their mark on the scene. With Havoc's dark, cinematic instrumentation matched with unforgiving bars from Prodigy and himself, they brought vivid images of the New York streets to the listener. They have both individually done great things away from mobb deep, with Havoc's production on various projects and Prodigy's solo work, but they have always sounded best when together.

Check out the snippets of tracks we have from the Duos! Plus, any others deserve a mention??


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