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Worth a Listen: Medhane - Cold Water

Music is everywhere an the abundance of weekly releases makes it difficult for the average listener to keep up to date. To make life easier, we are here to sieve through the wide array of music and find those projects worth your precious time.

Cold Water marks Medhane's third release in less than a year, showing the hunger of the Brooklyn rapper, and his most recent release serves as the best of the three.

Cold Water doesn't see a major change in his formula; Medhane still maintains his smooth delivery over lo-fi, off-kilter instrumentals but this project makes for his most cohesive and interesting project. The up-and-coming rapper's immense skill lies in his ability to translate raw emotion with a smooth, low-key delivery.

Cold Water's lyrical content sees Medhane outline his life philosophies, struggles, and how he plans to move forward. He always seems to point towards pain and trauma in his life even though he doesn't necessarily specify where it stems from. On "No Cap" he raps "Took a minute for them cuts to heal/ Scarred still/If its hidden time is gon reveal" suggesting that he is still struggling with the mental scars of his past.

"Truth & Heal" stands as a highlight on the projects and takes a slightly more upbeat apporach compared to other tracks on the album. As the title suggests, this track focuses on Medhane healing from his mental wounds and attempting to move on with bars like "Provoke hope, thru the lows I could see the gold, keep it close/Demons screamin tryn hear my soul/Let you know really bleeding gotta let it go".

The project features a select few features with Maxo particularly standing out with his stellar verse on "Full Hands". Jadasea, Navy Blue and keiyaA also make complementary appearances that elevate their respective songs.

This seems like just the being fo Medhane and if he keeps up this work rate, he is only going to grow and develop a stronger fan base. be sure to check the album below and also listen to his previous projects Full Circle and Own Pace.


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