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Worth a Listen: One and Only by Sheff G

Music is everywhere and every Friday sees the release of a wide array of projects, making it difficult for the average listener to keep up to date. To make life easier, we are here to sieve through the abundance of new music and find those projects worth your precious time.

Sheff G is one of the new uprising stars coming out of the popular New York drill movement, but this new album sets him apart from his peers. One and Only sees the Brooklyn rapper select a more mellow sound compared to some of his previous tracks, but this perfectly complements his smooth melodic flow.

What makes Sheff G so compelling as an artists is his lyrical skill and his frank depiction of living the street life; delving deeper than you average drill artist. His discussions about his personal struggle in the streets on tracks like "Fear Over Love", make for an interesting, introspective approach as opposed to the ultra-violent, braggadocious lyrics that usual feature on a drill project.

However, Sheff G does show he can make aggressive bangers with tracks like "No Suburban Pt. 2" which sees the rapper calling out those rappers that are "lying in their raps for the clout" and "Lil Big Bro Shit" which features regular collaborator, Sleepy Hallow. "Moody" still stands out as Sheff's most catchy tune yet and is still likely to be the track to turn the heads of most new fans.

The production of the album is left in the hands of producer Great John, and the chemistry between these two is evident and has been shown on many tracks before. My hope is that these Great John, Sheff G, and Sleepy Hallow continue to rise together as a unit and don't stray, as they clearly know how to get the best out of each other.

This project is definitely worth a listen and if you enjoy this make sure you go back to the previous project The Unluccy Luccy Kid .

Best Tracks: "Moody", "2nd Intro", "Fear Over Love", "Once I'm Gone", "Lil Big Bro Shit (Ft. Sleepy Hallow)"


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