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Manga Saint Hilare Connects with Blay Vision For New "Turning In My Grave" Visuals

Manga is one of the most consistent rappers in the game and his most recent project Make It Out Alive served to be his best project yet. "Turning in My Grave" is the fourth release from the album to receive the visual treatment and is one of the catchiest songs on the entire project.

The video sees the former Roll Deep MC, lounging in, what seems to be a country house, surrounded by animals that have received the taxidermy treatment. The camera also stays in a constant, dizzying rotation; making for an interesting video.

Blay Vision provides an aggressive but catchy hook while takes control of the verses discussing his fight through adversity to be at the level he is at now.

If you enjoyed this, make sure you check the full-length project "urning in My Grave.


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