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Medhane provides Smooth Flows for New Track "I'm Deadass"

Medhane is one of my favourite upcoming rappers out of New York and one of the standout artists of the new underground scene featuring the likes of MIKE, Navy Blue, Mavi, Maxo, Jadasea etc. Provide an alternative sound to the popular drill/trap-inspired rap that is currently taking over the mainstream.

"I'm Deadass" is typical of Medhane's laid back style and he flows perfectly over the smooth instrumental produced by iblss. Lyrically, Medhane outlines his current mindset and sounds almost reminiscent about past times. The video shows personal videos of him and his friends in his hometown of Brooklyn with a contrasting split-screen of him alone.

This track will feature on his upcoming project Cold Water set for release 26th May, check the tracklist below:

1. Off Tha Strength (feat. KeiyaA) prod. ohbliv

2. No Cap prod. ohbliv

3. Late prod. AFB

4. All Facts prod. Playa Haze

5. New Drip prod. Alexander Spit

6. Live! prod. Chuck Strangers

7. TRS (feat. Navy Blue) prod. Navy Blue

8. Na Fr prod. Alexander Spit & Super Miles

9. Watch My Step (feat. Jadasea) prod. AFB

10. Truth & Soul prod. AFB

11. Full Hands (feat. Maxo) prod. Stoney

12. Im Deadass prod. iblss

13. Dont Fuck Around prod. Bori

14. Bun Down Babylon prod. ohbliv 1

5. On Me/You prod. Bori


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